We could take a guess…


We may just have an inkling…

Possibly the same idiot who appeared on Vanessa Feltz’s BBC Radio London show this morning [limited availability online] denying any evidence that there’s a heat problem on his “stupid vanity buses” :

Vanessa Feltz: This is from Sandy – I’ve got to tell you that these are Sandy’s sentiments and they’re put in Sandy’s own personal way and this is what Sandy says:

“Ask him about his stupid vanity buses that cost half a million pounds each but have no open windows. I had to get off one, the last time I used the 38, and that was on a cool day in May”

I must say, the heat in the buses, or On The Buses, Reg Varney-style, and the heat down on the Tubes, is one of the pressing London conversations at this point. It’s the sort of thing when, you know, people are standing at the water cooler recovering, having to tip a glass of water over their heads because they’re so hot, this is what they’re talking about – boy, was it hot on the bus and the Tube.

Boris Johnson: Sure. For starters, the buses cost nothing like that amount and there’s no evidence at the moment, and I’ve asked TfL this question, there’s no evidence that the buses…they’re all as hot as each other or as cool as each other. We’re trying to, obviously, make them cooler, and on the Tube we’re putting in a huge amount of stuff to make that system better. I’ll single out the air-conditioned service on the Metropolitan and Circle, Hammersmith and City.

Vanessa Feltz: Loads of people are saying “Go on the Metropolitan Line, it’s the only one that’s cool!” – that’s exactly what they’re saying.

Boris Johnson: That’s right, well, the, the, the…but it’s coming. The new Tube for London, it’s going to be on the Piccadilly, the Central, the Bakerloo and the Waterloo and City lines so that will be a cooled train, that will being heat relief, as it were, to 8 out of 11 of the Tube lines. And on the stations, I mean, we’ve got this incredible…we’re pumping ground-water out, we’re pumping it through the sta…we’re cooling the stations with fans, we’ve got chiller units, we’ve got all sorts of devices for trying to cool down the stations. I do appreciate that it’s hot and I do, you know, as the Chairman of TfL, I apologise to Londoners who are suffering excess heat.

Vanessa Feltz: Dwayne says: “The old Routemasters are definitely better than the new Routemasters”

“They’re all as hot as each other or as cool as each other” – No, they’re not. Some of London’s double-decker buses have very effective air-conditioning units positioned on the upper decks, above the stairs. I proved in September last year that a Routemaster built more than 50 years ago was three degrees cooler than a brand new “New Routemaster” and there is no evidence to convince me that this situation has changed.

When TfL Commissioner Sir Peter Hendy and “New Routemaster” designer Thomas Heatherwick took a spin on an empty bus just over a year ago, to “prove” that the new buses weren’t airless sweat-boxes, they gave no evidence of the temperature they recorded.

I think we’re going to see exactly the same TfL attitude as last year – continual denials that there’s anything wrong with these vehicles, holding out until the weather gets cooler and people have forgotten. London can expect over 300 more of these not-fit-for-purpose buses to enter service on central London routes by 2016, condemning even more bus users to journeys made thoroughly unpleasant and, in some cases, utterly unbearable by this badly-designed vanity bus.

A round-up of passengers’ experiences in the last couple of days:

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