£3m of TfL’s budget has already been wasted by Boris Johnson on lobbying for a new hub airport in the Thames Estuary, despite the fact that the Mayor of London has no responsibility for aviation and no jurisdiction over Kent.

Not content with publication of the report Making Connections: Improving the UK’s Domestic Aviation Connectivity with a New Four Runway Hub Airport [PDF] a mere two months ago, Johnson then commissioned the same organisations, York Aviation and Oxford Economics, to produce yet another report, Gateway To Our Future: Why The UK Needs A New Hub Airport [PDF]which was released today – on the same day that Johnson’s Conservative candidate application for the seat of Uxbridge and South Ruislip was revealed.

Johnson’s astonishing level of political interference in the aviation capacity debate sees the latest report exhort readers to contact the Aviation Commission or their MP and both reports feature the website address www.newairportforlondon.com on their back covers, whilst the latest report also carries the Twitter address @NewAirport4UK.

www.newairportforlondon.com diverts to the Estuary Airport propaganda page on TfL’s website whilst the Twitter account @NewAirport4UK is evidently the complementary social media account which is staffed by TfL.

Johnson’s role as Mayor of London has meant that he has been able to plunder Transport for London’s budget to waste on his own personal projects – a not-fit-for-purpose bus, a money-haemorrhaging cycle hire scheme which he promised would be at no cost to taxpayers, a cable car which is nothing more than a tourist attraction rather than public transport, a privately-owned garden bridge which he can’t see the point of and a fantasy airport which would see the closure of Heathrow Airport, the largest single-site employer in the UK which provides work for many residents in Uxbridge and South Ruislip, where Johnson is desperate to be elected as MP.

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