Someone please remind Boris Johnson that he’s (supposedly) the Mayor of London and is meant to work for Londoners.

Earlier this week, Johnson visited the HQ of Nationwide Building Society in Swindon - located near the M4 motorway due to ease of access to Heathrow Airport. You remember, that place which provides direct and indirect employment for over 100,000 people yet Boris Johnson wants to raze it to the ground and build a new play-set for himself in the Thames Estuary.

Then again, now he’s pretending that Heathrow would stay open in the unlikely event that his new toy was ever built. Like a petulant toddler, however, he’s refusing to be told and has vowed to continue to waste time and money on just one of his many vanity projects – £5.2m of Transport for London’s budget [PDF] has been squandered due to Johnson’s pig-headedness.

Johnson’s visit to a company several counties away from London was part of his attempts to pretend that he cares about businesses outside the capital – only yesterday he was feigning interest about industry in Stoke:

The reason for Johnson’s new-found enthusiasm for the regions is that he is angling for a Cabinet position after his election as MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

Why waste time on the concerns of Londoners when you can travel about at their time and expense, campaigning for Wiltshire Conservative candidates:

Have afternoon tea at a Wiltshire hotel:

and then be the cabaret at a swanky fundraising dinner for Somerset Conservatives?

A tiring day of self-publicity for the Mayor of London on Tuesday this week, so he’d be back hard at work for Londoners at City Hall the next day? Not quite. The prospective Conservative candidate for Uxbridge and South Ruislip obviously has better things to do:

This is what Londoners can expect until the end of Johnson’s term as Mayor of London in May 2016 – complete disregard for the job he is being paid to do and utter contempt for those who were foolish enough to vote him in. Boris’s number one priority is Boris.

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