Today’s announcement of Transport for London’s 2015 fares package by the Mayor of London, who is personally responsible for setting the fares, reveals huge rises for users of Oyster Pay As You Go and paper One Day Travelcards.

The incentive for travellers to avoid the congested Zone One area was removed by Boris Johnson in 2011 when he withdrew both the Zones 2-6 One Day Travelcard and daily Oyster cap for those zones and now the Mayor of London has abolished the daily Off-Peak Oyster cap, meaning there is no incentive for travellers to avoid the busy morning peak period.

I regularly reach the current off-peak Oyster cap of £8.50, travelling within Zones 1-5, but from January 2015 that daily cap will be £10.90 - a huge rise of 28%.

The off-peak daily cap for Zones 1-6 will rise from £8.50 to £11.70 - an absolutely whopping rise of 38%.

The paper off-peak One-Day Adult Travelcard for Zones 1-6 will go up from £8.90 to £12.00, an increase of 35%, and the Child off-peak One-Day Travelcard goes up from £3.60 to £6.00 - an eye-watering 67% increase.

The Oyster single bus fare will rise from £1.45 to £1.50 and the 7-Day Bus Pass will go up from £20.20 to £21.00, respective increases of 3% and 4%.

Coincidentally, the single bus fare of £1.50 and weekly bus pass of £21 are exactly as predicted by Transport for London’s then-Head of Surface Transport, David Brown, in response to the idea of a “New Routemaster” – a concept which has since been introduced at great cost by Boris Johnson.

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