Hilton Holloway, 2011:

That it will be built in a part of the UK that needs more private sector investment is a further bonus. And it’s likely that these buses will be exported worldwide

Owen Paterson, 2011:

…described the bus as “a fantastic long-term export opportunity” and said he expected versions of it to eventually be running on the streets of Las Vegas and Hong Kong as well as in London.

Boris, 2013:

It is the embodiment of the point I often make, that investment in London boosts the rest of the UK economy, directly and indirectly. We have stimulated the very best of British technology, creating jobs in this country, and yes, we are now looking to potential export markets”.

Boris, 2013:

“One of the advantages of the new bus is that it is the cleanest, greenest bus in the world. It would be the absolute perfect thing not just for Hong Kong but also for Beijing.”

TfL, 2014:

The NRM is a unique bus designed and intended to be used in London for its full economic life

Well, that was a load of cobblers then, wasn’t it, chaps?

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